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  1. christmas season is upon us

    11/30/08 14:49:47 | 0 Comments

    well, black friday is over and now i have off sunday and mon. doing the
    hanukkah exchange with the family today since mom and lee and riva and seymour will
    all be gone back to florida. it's going to be a very weird holiday this year.
    zeke and miya are certainly ready for christmas, hee-hee. i'm suprised they
    don't bite me!
  2. long weekend

    11/09/08 03:57:45 | 0 Comments

    imageboy, long weekend. only saturday night and i'm beat. gotta
    work tomorrow and monday but at least i have off tuesday and wednesday.
    i'll get to check out more of the forum and how it works then.
  3. onwards

    11/02/08 19:28:01 | 0 Comments

    imagewell, took down my halloween decorations. now it's on to christmas but not for a few more weeks. can't
    wait to decide what to do for the dogs and our annual holiday card. hm-m-m-m
  4. halloween

    10/31/08 22:03:53 | 0 Comments

    i've been sitting here all day waiting for trick or treaters. just found out that they are only
    allowed to go out from 3-7. wish i had known. not that it matters, cause i only had three groups of kids.
    i'm bummed. and the dogs went balistic when the first couple showed up so i had to keep them out back.

    miya also destroyed pony and it really, really upset me. i'm trying to sew him back together but he may have to
    remain headless. poor pony.
  5. Myfirst entry

    10/31/08 01:19:25 | 0 Comments

    of course i have to start off with a pic of the kids.
    i love these two so much. hope anyone who comes a visiting feels
    free to post a hello! and of course to comment on how gorgeous
    my puppers are!